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Electric Charging Station

Electric Charging Station

study the feasibility of using electric vehicles in Thailand and the energy business for electric vehicles

Project details :

FOMM (Asia) Co., Ltd. appointed PEA ENCOM International Co., Ltd. to be the first distributor of FOMM electric vehicles in Thailand. And marketing plans for the FOMM electric vehicle showroom and maintenance center in Thailand to promote FOMM electric cars to be known to the general public and to create maximum satisfaction for customers.

Highlights :

The FOMM Concept One electric car has the following highlights :

  1. It's the smallest electric car on the market. It can seat 4 people with high mobility. It is the new generation Compact EV Car.
  2. Can charge the house. Which the electricity cost is many times cheaper than gasoline, 1 full charge, can run up to 160 kilometers
  3. It is an electric vehicle that does not cause pollution. Make the city livable with clean energy
  4. Electric cars FOMM installs a new Cooler System developed according to the climate of Thailand and ASEAN.
  5. It is an EV vehicle that can run on water in emergencies such as flooding.