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Electric Charging Station

Electric Charging Station

Electric Charging Station installation "PEA VOLTA" at PEA VOLTA BCP (Bangchak Gas Station), Cha-arm Park, Phetchaburi

Project Detail :

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) together with Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited installed EV Charger Stations, which are currently the largest service providers in Bangchak gas stations in Thailand. It will be open for service on the main route, 56 branches continuously, every 100 kilometers, to support inbound and outbound travel. PEA is the developer of charging stations. It consists of a system and communication channel for data from an electric charger and a part of the data management system displayed through a Mobile Application under the name PEA VOLTA by assigning PEA ENCOM International Company Limited (PEA ENCOM) to install the EV. Charger in Bangchak gas station

At present, PEA VOLTA is in service for 17 main stations and will be installed covering all 75 provinces, totaling 263 stations by 2021 to build confidence and expand access to EV Charger Stations. More and more electric cars are needed in the future. through a smartphone that can be linked to the application which allows users to find station locations with directions to the station and check the charging station status Ready to pay for the service charge via the top-up system with confidence and security, which users can use 24 hours a day.